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Violence in Chicago

15 Jun 2021

Image courtesy of the June 2021 issue of Foodism Toronto. Visit their website here.

Recipe by: Farzam Fallah
Location: Marben Restaurant & The Cloak Bar, Toronto, ON, Canada

Marben was one of the very first out of town bars and restaurants to offer to stock Novara, and it has been such a pleasure to see the talent and creativity of bar manager Farzam Fallah shine, and we're so incredibly grateful for all of the support from Farzam along with the rest of the team at Marben and the Cloak Bar. We were so pleased to see this surprise low-ABV cocktail get sent to us from the June 2021 issue of Foodism magazine, and couldn't help but share!

See the full spread here: 


Delicious low-ABV cocktail, named after a line from The Untouchables, full of smokey deliciousness and bitter backbone? Sign us up. This bitter sour is so full of flavour that we can't help but picture it as the perfect nightcap on a warm summer night -- on a patio or next to a campfire? Your call, just send us an invite!


60mL Novara Bitter Aperitivo
7.5mL Angostura Aromatic Bitters
30mL Fresh Lemon Juice
1 each Egg White
3 sprays Islay Scotch

Preparation Instructions

  1. Add all ingredients, except Islay Scotch, to a shaker tin and shake without ice to aerate the mixture. 
  2. Open the shaker tin and fill with ice. 
  3. Cap shaker, and re-shake, until outside of the tin is nicely frosted.
  4. Double-strain the mixture into a pre-chilled cocktail coupe, and spray with Islay Scotch using an atomizer. 
  5. Zest a strip of orange peel over the surface of the drink, and discard.
  6. Finish with an orange zest garnish, clipped to the edge of the glass. 
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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