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20 Feb 2021

The namesake for this simple combination of freshly squeezed orange juice and bitter aperitivo, Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian general from the 1800s, and is remembered a key figure in the unification of Italy. This elegantly simple cocktail was all but forgotten until recently when New York City's Dante not only revived the recipe, but perfected it, in a refreshed version now seen in bars around the world today. 

Key to Dante's revival was what they refer to as "fluffy" orange juice -- quite simply, freshly-squeezed OJ passed through a high speed Breville juicer directly before service. In a pinch, a high-speed blender works as well, and the quick aeration of the fresh juice has the effect of softening the bitter edge of the aperitivo at the drink's core. 


45mL Novara Bitter Aperitivo
120mL Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
1tsp Simple Syrup

Preparation Instructions

  1. Add Novara Bitter Aperitivo and simple syrup to a glass and fill halfway with ice.
  2. Blend orange juice on high speed for 30 seconds without ice, in a high-powered blender. 
  3. Add 1/2 of juice to glass and stir to mix ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Fill glass completely with ice and top with remaining orange juice. 
  5. Garnish with an orange wedge, resting on rim and glass. 
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